Tuesday, April 21, 2009

McLuhan references and assignment for thursday 23rd

the fragments we read in class today came from these books:

Marshall McLuhan, "Understanding Media, The Extensions of Man",
Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd. London, 1964.

Marshall and Eric McLuhan, "Laws of Media, The New Science",
University of Toronto press, 1988.

Marshall McLuhan & Bruce R. Powers, "The Global Village, Transformations in World Life and Media in the 21st Century", Oxford University Press, 1989.

there is a good wikipedia page about McLuhan's 'Tetrad':

and there are zillions of sites about him and his theories ofcourse:

the assignment for thursday the 23rd is as follows:

In groups of two students, choose an existing project that tries to achieve an 'extra sense' in some way. Can be art, can be a scientific research project or something else.

Start a debate about this project with the two of you, where you reflect on the following questions:
- what does this extra sense communicate ? What is the content of this sense ? What is excluded by this sense ? (Think about the microphone example given by Edwin, the microphone captures airpressure changes, but through that is able to transmit speech, language and concepts)
- how would having this sense affect our sensorial balance ? What is the 'message of this medium' ? How would it affect our behaviour ? A good way to approach this question is by answering the four questions in McLuhan's 'Tetrad' (see link above).

Give a presentation together where you briefly present this project and your reflections on it. In total 10 minutes, so prepare what you want to say. A partial goal of this assignment is also to give you more experience in giving such a short presentation.

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