Thursday, April 16, 2009

assignments for monday the 20th

there are two assignments:

- find three different ways to compare our senses with eachother so that we can talk about the interesting differences between them. This will mean that you'll have to find different representations.

- make a systematic list of all the things we can not sense.

please submit your work via email to:

edwin.vanderheide (at) interfaculty (dot) nl
joost.rekveld (at) interfaculty (dot) nl

before sunday evening 24h.

And please remember that we ask everybody to contribute one post per class to the blog. This post can consist of a reaction, an update of your project (later on in the course) and relevant information in the form of links, images, sounds etc.

we see you on monday at 10h15 in KABK PB301. Please be on time.

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