Tuesday, April 21, 2009

bodymonitor + urbansync


Our mission is to provide tools for real-time monitoring of body and mind responses in everyday life contexts.

As an efficient and cost-cutting tool we developed the smartband .

smartband is a wearable textile band, with unobtrusively embedded microelectronic and sensors.
This smartband 'sense' a lot of things about the body and its context: electroderermal activity, puls volume, skin temperature, tri-axial acceleration , magnetometric direction, ambient light intensity, ambient sound intensity, infrared ambient detection of human body and ambient temperature... 10bit of resolution and ASCII recording to a 1GB SD-Card... its not clear its connectivity for realtime transmission of data to other devices...

Created by Georgios Papastefanou, it seems a quite experimental device, but already being used in some projects... I found it some time ago through UrbanSync, an ongoing project of multimodal signals gathering within urban contexts which is using it... in this case the physiological+context data are recorded on sync with other three streams: sound, sonification of the ghz range and gps trails. further sonification, visualization and data mining processes of the data collected are still on development in a collaborative way... the sync streams of data collected during three weeks of sessions in Porto last October have been made available online for those who want to experiment with them.

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