Sunday, April 19, 2009

acoustic location

Acoustic location is the art and science of using sound to determine the distance and direction of something. Location can be done actively or passively, and can take place in gases (such as the atmosphere), liquids (such as water), and in solids (such as in the earth)

Starting in 1880 with the Topophone, there is a bizarre collection of acoustic location experiments and artifacts, including hilarious wearable artifacts, some of them of doubtful precision.

1960 : Jean Auscher´s maritime acoustic locator

During WW1 and until the early years of WWII this technologies were developed by different countries for militar purposes, until its abandon when the sonar and radar came up, making them obsolete.

1921: USA - 2horn locator

Czech locator , test at Waalsdorp

Probably the most known example are the British acoustic mirrors, declared national landmarks recently.

+++ more info and historical survey on this site.

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  1. Does anyone know if there are any acoustic mirrors built in Netherlands?
    By the way, my favorite acoustic locator(along Jean Auscher who was on my wallpaper for almost a year) - comes from japan: