Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arts & Sciences Night

Theater group CREW will present his new performance W (Double U) at this event.

On 13 June 2009, the whole city of Groningen will be devoted to the theme of arts and science during the Arts & Sciences Night, which will be organized by the University of Groningen and the Groninger Museum . A wide range of activities will be organized between the Museum Bridge and the Broerplein and at the Harmonie complex, and there will be a lot to do, to see and to experience. How about a haunted house in the UB? A writers’ workshop by Ronald Giphart in the Groninger Museum? A huge stage with well-known artists on the Vismarkt? The Arts & Sciences Night is a night filled with concerts, stand-up comedy, lectures, debates, music, dance, exhibitions, guided tours, workshops, night lectures and much, much more!

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